Slovensko 2012 Advent

Biela pastelka 2012

Employability Enhancement of Visually Impaired - The Conference Proceedings

24.-28. November 2001, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Files in RTF:

  1. The Employability Enhancement of Visually Impaired People
    Branislav Mamojka, Slovakia
  2. Results of the Survey
    Branislav Mamojka, Slovakia
  3. Sensis Training Courses for Professionals Regarding Employment Requests
    Peter Verstraten, the Netherlands
  4. Promotion of Blind People Employment in Slovakia - (Project Phare Lien)
    Eva Tatarkova, Slovakia
  5. The Contribution of the Rehabilitation Worker in Employment Questions of Visually Impaired and Blind Clients
    Arthur Nijsten, the Netherlands
  6. The Role of the Rehabilitation Instructor in the Solution of Employment Demand - the New Perspectives
    Slavka Dorova, Slovakia
  7. The Legislative Support of the Disabled Person Employment in Slovakia
    Milan Mechura, Slovakia
  8. Social Skills Training According to the Goldstein Method
    Mia van Roy, Sensis, the Netherlands
  9. The Group Work Experience Focussed on the Social Skills Training
    Alexandra Razusova, Slovakia
  10. Manual for Social Workers
    Mariana Rybarova, Slovakia
  11. The role of ICEVI with Respect to Employment Enhancement of People with Visual Impairment
    Herman Gresnigt, ICEVI, the Netherlands
  12. Developing on-the-job Learning for Visually Impaired People Using Assistive Devices - ERITOP
    Kaarina Hiera - Paula Seraidaris, Finland
  13. Vocational Rehabilitation in Sweden
    Gunila Noren, Sweden
  14. Employability Enhancement in the UK: an Overview
    Paddy O'Rourke, UK
  15. Employability perspectives for blind and visually impaired people in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Fikret Zuko Suvad Zahirovic, Bosna and Herzegovina
  16. The Future of Sheltered Factories in the Employment of Visually Impaired People in the UK: A Personal View
    Fred Reid, UK
  17. The Role of the Psychologist with Regard to Employment Issues
    Peter Verstraten, the Netherlands
  18. Visually Impaired and Job Coaching
    John van Luijn, the Netherlands
  19. First Agency for Supported Employment in Slovakia
    Viera Zahorcova, Slovakia
  20. Employment Retention: The Need for a Systematic Approach
    Gordon Dryden, UK
  21. Development of Key Qualifications and Soft Skills in a Vocational Training Center for Visually Impaired Young People
    Karsten Hohler, Germany
  22. How to Promote Employment for the Blind and Visually Handicapped, in Light of the French Experience?
    Philipe Chazal, France
  23. How to Make a Job Function Well
    Anna Karlsson - Vivi Anne Emanuelsson, Sweden
  24. Challenges - Educating Visually Impaired Consumers and Employers
    Antonina Adamowicz-Hummel, Poland - Anna Rozborska, Poland - Anne Yeadon, USA
  25. Enhancing Employability:The Role of Schools
    Rob Buckley, UK
  26. Exchange of Knowledge in International Projects from Sensis
    Carina Poels, the Netherlands
  27. Visual Impairment and the Training of Employment Specialists
    Kate Storrow, UK
  28. Supported Employment (SE) for Individuals with Disabilities
    Walter Blumberger, Austria
  29. Project Leonardo
    Vladimir Knazko, Czech Republic
  30. Employment and the Blind in Croatia
    Jasenka Janes-Pasaric, Croatia
  31. The Rights and the Problems of the Visually Impaired People in Bulgaria
    Vasil Dolaptchiev, Bulgaria
  32. The Sheltered Workshops from 1950 up today. Past - Present - Future
    Betty Leotsakos, Greece
  33. List of Participants